Here's a page featuring some of Rebecca's artwork. Click to expand.

At some point this will be upgraded to her own blog or website.

Hope you enjoy!

Rainbow - large format (4/17)

Ciudad (4/17)

Sunflower - large format (5/17)

Whiteboard princess (4/17)

Apology letter (5/17)

I love my husband and my unicorn (5/17)

May Birthday Countdown (5//27)

Girl under red sun (4/17)

Thank you for the dragon (purchased at airport on way to Jon and Julia's wedding) (5/17)

Happy Pumpkin (5/17)

(Learning about metamorphosis) (5/17)

Batman and ice cream (4/17)

Roses are red, violets are blue. Who is the best dad? I think it is you. (5/17)

Purple Mermaid (5/17)

Lady bugs taste bad (4/17)

I love you MD (who's the other person?) (5/17)

I'm Batman (5/17)